Music Monday // I Won’t Give Up

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It’s not often that I talk about popular music here.  I mean, I guess I do but I also like to share the new stuff you might not have heard of or new music by the artists you have.

And then this song was on the radio the other day and it was like a knife being jabbed into my soul; it struck a chord; I felt something.

Whether you’re a fan of Jason Mraz or not, I don’t care; listen to this.  There’s passion; there’s a story; there’s something to relate to, especially if you’re going through something.  Just listen.  It’s 4 1/2 minutes of your time and I don’t think you’ll beg for it back.  In fact, I think it’ll become an hour of your time as you play it over and over again, but an hour well spent.  At least that’s how I’ve spent many hours this past weekend.  And I’m not asking for a second of it back.


“A great song is more than just words and music.  It’s like a thumb pressing against the pulse of living that relates a simple truth about a very complicated process.”             – Jimmy Buffett

5 thoughts on “Music Monday // I Won’t Give Up

  1. Hanna

    This was a great collaboration betewen Jason Mraz and Colby Caillat we need more of these kind of easy listening pop artists & less Gaga

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