Music Monday – I’m Calling On YOU!

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Instead of featuring another band or artist that I’m digging this week, I wanted to look to you.  I’ve been using the same running playlist for quite some time now and while I add a new song every now and then, I’m in need of a real re-vamp.
Here’s my current playlist:
“The Show Goes On” – Lupe Fiasco
“Love the Way You Lie” – Eminem
“Airplanes” – B.o.B
“Just a Dream” – Nelly
“Shake it” – Blue Judy
“Radioactive” – Kings of Leon
“Stubborn Love” – The Lumineers
“Fearless Love” – Melissa Etheridge
“Our War” – Neon Trees
“Break Me Out” – The Rescues
“My Body” – Young the Giant
“AstroSerf” – 6cheek (The Lumineers circa 2007 or so)
“In Regards to Sam” – We Pilot These Machines
Clearly I listen to a wide array of music while working out, my goal is either for something to pump me up and make me want to push harder or run faster, or for some part of the lyrics to catch me and inspire me to push through the harder moments in my workout.
So with that, what are your favorite songs to listen to while working out or running?
What songs get you pumped?
Leave them in the comments or email me and help me build my new playlist!

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