Music Monday – LiL Playy

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If you haven’t noticed from my blog or you don’t actually know me that well, let me just tell you that music is a big part of my life (I mean that is what I went to school for)!  It’s also something I’ve been wanting to write about for awhile and was tempted to start a second blog devoted solely to music.  But who wants to worry about maintaining two different blogs all the time?  I love writing and blogging but I don’t want to find even more time to make sure both stay updated without feeling like the content is being sacrificed.  So instead, I want to find a way to share everything I’m passionate about in one blog!  So this brings about another “feature” day: Music Monday.  With these days, I want to share music/music videos I’m really enjoying, new artists I heard about, album or live event reviews.  And if you have a band you want me to review, please email me and I will gladly.  (Disclaimer: I will be honest, whether you like what I have to say or not).
So with that, I want to tell you all about this event I was invited to last week.  I’ve mentioned many times that I’m not looking to leave the music industry by pursuing a career in health and fitness, but rather I’m looking to find a way to merge both passions into one career and life I can be happy with.
Anyway, I was invited (along with several other Berklee alums) to attend a feedback session for a new artist on Interscope.  We were given the date and time and asked to RSVP if we were interested/could attend.  Well I did and I got my friend Kahlil to join as my +1, knowing that since he’s in music, he might really enjoy it as well.  The day of I found out the name of the artist and the producer.  The producer was Rodney “Darkchild” Jerkins and the artist was LiL Playy.  Being the girl who doesn’t generally choose to listen to hip-hop or rap, I was afraid what I was getting myself into but knew I needed to keep an open mind.

The whole group with LiL Playy (I don’t have the one with Darkchild too).

…and thank goodness I did!  We got to listen to LiL Playy’s unreleased record and give our feedback as to whether we liked the song or not and if we had any additional comments on each track.  As with most albums, there were some songs that I did not like (though they did tend to be the general consensus of the group), songs that I liked and a few that I really liked and ended up stuck in my head!
The first single is called “Birthday Dress” and was my favorite from the whole album! It might be that it had a bit of a “rock” vibe or maybe it was the super catchy hook that had me nearly singing along before I heard the whole song through once.  We also got to preview the unreleased music video for “Birthday Dress.”  
Who knew I would be excited to share a hip-hop/rap artist named LiL Playy?  But as surprising as it may be, I hope you all keep your eyes out for the single (I think it’s supposed to be released in the next week or so) and the album whenever it drops!  
For now, I can leave you with the Behind the Scenes video for “Birthday Dress” giving you a nice little sneak peak to that hook on repeat in my head!