Music Monday / Lord Huron & my BLENDS!

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I have to say that as crazy as this statement may seem, I am happy this weekend is over.  Each day that passes brings me one day closer to taking my test and one day closer to living out my dream as a NASM certified personal trainer.  Please send me all of your love and well wishes this week.  It’s a busy one with lots of this:

and this:

and this:

I know it will all be worth it in the end but when you wake up from a study nap thinking about muscle locations, you know you’re ready for the studying to end. 😉

(I’m not kidding about that either and to be exact, I was thinking about the Infraspinatus. Do you know where it is?) 

Thankfully I have been able to give myself some breaks and zone out while watching some mindless TV (thank you Big Bang Theory!)

or amazing music.

I’ve mentioned a few times how much I love when people share good music with me, whether it be new new or just new to me.  Thankfully Lauren shared some music a week or two ago that was new to me and I immediately fell in love.

Have you heard of Lord Huron?

Now you have and you’re welcome – and thank you Lauren!



But before I get back to the books, I’m reminded how much I’m thankful for my Blends.  Whether it be because they share good music or delicious recipes with me, we have similar interests, or because they may be some of the most supportive and amazing people I know – I am so very thankful for each of them.

And I can’t wait for Blend 2013!!

Speaking of my Blends, I wrote a guest post for my friend Julie who is also busy studying for her CPT as well.  Make sure you head on over to Julie‘s blog to say hello and learn something about Flexibility Training!

What new music have you been introduced to recently?

What are you thankful for today?

6 thoughts on “Music Monday / Lord Huron & my BLENDS!

  1. Gabby @ Gabby Rose Runs

    Today I’m thankful for coffee!

    Good luck with your personal trainer studying – it seems like you’re making great progress! I’m taking my group fitness instructor certification through AFAA in February but it’s not nearly as involved…

  2. Amanda @ Diary of a Semi-Health Nut

    Thankful for YOU friend!! And can’t wait for Blend 2013 either…but we should definitely do a meet-up before then! 🙂

    Will be praying for you to remember everything you learned and for all of your hard work to have paid off whenever I think about you the next couple of days!! 🙂

    And I LOVE Big Bang Theory! <3

  3. Heather @ Kiss My Broccoli

    Definitely sending you as many good brain vibes and well wishes as possible m’dear! Sounds like you are MORE than ready to get this thing over with!

    No new music as of late, but I have been revisiting some old favorites over the weekend like The Civil Wars and Blue Foundation.

    Today, and everyday, I am thankful for my health and my abilities. Just yesterday I went out for a quick run…only thinking I’d go about three miles or so…and I ended up going for FIVE! The weather was amazing, I had great tunes, and I just didn’t want it to end! Best feeling ever!

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