Music Monday // Other Lives

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I think I’m losing my memory.  It’s rather sad actually but I’m doing all I can to preserve it and preserve the memories.  Memories like yesterday morning’s walk to the Mar Vista Farmer’s market and back.  Memories that are so simple yet perfectly what you need to start you Sunday morning.  My memory can’t let those moments fade away.

Unfortunately, losing my memory also often means forgetting if I’ve already shared certain things with you.  Mostly this comes down to “did I share that song I really liked?” or “what about that recipe I made last week?”  Thankfully there’s ways to look that up.  But then sometimes I swear the search must be wrong because how could I not share this?

Pair the above beer (it isn’t actually Sam Adams…sad) and some good music and you have the perfect afternoon; the perfect way to get over the crabby that started to take over your afternoon.  Sometimes you have to salvage what you can.

The Other Lives will help you salvage that (you don’t actually need the beer but I do recommend it!).


What music calms you down on a bad or crabby day?

2 thoughts on “Music Monday // Other Lives

  1. Julie

    I used to live in Mar Vista and we went to the farmer’s market there too! Can’t go wrong with farmer’s market and beer. 🙂 I like violin or Spanish guitar to calm me down – very soothing.

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