Music Monday: Ruby the RabbitFoot “Ways”

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As I write this it’s Friday afternoon. I’m sitting in the RV in Wyoming in the middle of a blizzard. They’ve shut down the highway due to the roads being so bad and a 40-50 vehicle car accident Thursday afternoon. I am so thankful we missed it but at the same time, being stuck in an RV in the middle of a blizzard while you’re trying to make it to a friend’s wedding, isn’t the most comforting feeling.


So what do you do when you’re feeling stressed and need something to relax you? To help bring you back down and remember to breathe? You find some music that does it for you.


Today I share “Ways” by Ruby the RabbitFoot. Because the quiet nature of this song was just what I needed to help me breathe.

Do you listen to music during stressful situations?

2 thoughts on “Music Monday: Ruby the RabbitFoot “Ways”

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