Music Monday // Star Anna and the Laughing Dogs


I’m sorry I kind of disappeared but this move has kept me super busy and I’m trying to get back in my groove and find my new routine.  I’ll get there, but it will take me a few days to get back on track.  At least I just got the internet working so I won’t have to rely solely on my phone.

I wouldn’t let you go without some good music though; that’s just not right.

Today’s song was another one of those songs that came up while I was working out and never really realized I owned.  But once I heard it, it struck a chord and I loved it.  It’s by a band called Star Anna and the Laughing Dogs and while I can’t attest to any of their other music, this song is strong and you better believe I’ll be looking them up.

Enjoy “Alone in This Together” and join me in the discovery of this band!

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