Music Monday – “The Girl”

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This isn’t a new song.  In fact it’s not even a new to me song.  Chances are it’s not a new to you song either.



But it’s one of those songs that needs to constantly be reintroduced into our lives because it’s so beautiful.


I sat outside yesterday afternoon listening to this song as the sun shone down on me and couldn’t help but smile.

524667_886652868589_281174804_nA few weeks ago a friend told me that I need to find a boy who will sing to me.  I told her that musicians are dangerous and after dating a couple, I don’t want to date a musician.  She looked at me and said “not a musician, but someone who will play a guitar and sing to you.”


I think she’s right.  When I find the boy who will sing this song to me or at least make me feel the way this song does, I think then I’ll know it’s the right one.


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