Music Monday & The Grinch!

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Okay I’ll be honest, Friday was not pretty for me.  You’d hope that after passing my test on Wednesday, the high would have continued through the weekend (and in some ways it has) but work has also been pretty rough on me lately and come Friday morning, this was me:

And I swear it was not just because this was my alarm Friday morning:

It was a rough day and thankfully, I’m in a much better place after a weekend with a good amount of relaxation, book reading, and even a hot bubble bath.

But seeing as we’re past Thanksgiving, it’s full on Holiday season, including Holiday music playing at work.  It’s time to pull myself out of Grinch-mode and welcome the Holidays and all that comes with it. So this week I’m going to share a Holiday song.


Snap out of out ya Grinch!

I’ve been a huge Norah Jones fan for years and after working on her album The Fall a couple years ago, I became even more of a fan.  This song doesn’t disappoint.


What are your favorite Holiday songs?

Today, I’m thankful for coffee dates with friends.  They may be few and far between but it’s always great when you can pick up right where you left off.

11 thoughts on “Music Monday & The Grinch!

  1. Devon @ Health in Equilibrium

    I know they’re a little corny, but my two favourite Christmas songs right now are Michael Buble’s version of “All I Want for Christmas is You” (It’s AMAZING!!!) and “I Wanna Hippopotamus for Christmas”!! (Also amazing)

    1. admin Post author

      I had to be at work by 4:45 and I need plenty of time to wake up in the morning. I can’t just wake up and go to work without breakfast and I leave myself plenty of time just in case I over sleep.

  2. B

    Glad you got some relaxation time Sissy! I find it hard not to get into the spirit while barista-ing, in part because you have to charm stressed-out shoppers into tipping generously. You can do it!

    1. admin Post author

      Well barista-ing was actually making me more Grinch-like but I’m working on changing that. 🙂

  3. Taryn

    I didn’t know Norah Jones had a Christmas album. I will definitely have to check that out. The first Christmas album I owned was Hanson’s Snowed In. My entire family has grown to love it over the years, too!

    1. admin Post author

      I’m not sure if she has a whole Holiday album, but she’s at least got 1 holiday song. I’ll have to look more to see if there’s an album. 🙂

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