Music Monday – The Lumineers

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Today it hits close to home but I still want to share… 
If you’ve been reading my blog for awhile, you know that I used to manage a band called The Lumineers.  If you’ve been reading a bit, you also watched as I lost the band.  But despite everything that happened, they are my friends and amazing musicians.  So when they came to LA last week, I knew I needed to go to their show at Hotel Cafe and was pleased when they invited me to attend.
I’m sure you can imagine the roller coaster ride that I went through emotionally but it was still really good to see them and of course, hear the music!  They are amazing musicians, but you will never truly experience the band unless you see them live and that’s just how it is!  (Though temporary stand-in bass players should be left out until they can enjoy the music as much as / as close to the rest of the band as possible).
Anyway, while the band was in Seattle in June recording their new album with a producer, it doesn’t sound like it will be released for awhile, so for now, I leave you with one of the new songs, The Dead Sea which will be stuck in your head after you watch this video.  Enjoy!