Music Monday: Thunder

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First and foremost, did you notice things are looking a bit different around here today? I’m the super cool girl who spent most of her Saturday deep in the trenches of blog re-design and I must admit, I had a blast! There are a few things that need some tweaking but I’m just always really happy when I can make some significant changes to my blog without breaking anything. HA!

And of course, that feeling made even better when I actually like how it turns out. I’m totally digging the super clean and crisp look, plus I have some big things in the pipeline that I’m working on and dreaming up and I just felt the blog needed this total refresh with all of that.

I’m at this strange turning point in my life right now. I guess this is to be expected after the early end of the 50 States project but I keep catching myself off guard, it’s kind of funny. Regardless, I’m not complaining (in any way shape or form) and I’m finding myself releasing all of this toxicity and getting back in tune with myself, what I want and need, how I want to live my life, and the people I want around me.

mm thunder

Earlier this week I heard “Thunder” by Leona Lewis and while this isn’t necessarily my usual music monday choice, something about it kind of stuck. I turned up the radio and felt connected to this idea of picking myself up, getting stronger, getting louder, and therefore getting back to myself with an open and free heart.

Obviously I have no idea what the future has in store. There are many unknowns and I’m still working my tail off to find a job (though crossing my fingers everyday that I’m getting closer to that) but at the same time, feeling like things are falling into place. I’m excited for the road ahead.


Tell me something about your weekend!


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