Music Monday

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It’s not often that I find myself liking current hits on the top 200 radio stations; it’s just not generally my kind.  Obviously there are always some that I do like or eventually grow on me.  At least until the stations completely overplay them and the start of the song makes me either want to jab something in my ear or switch the station.
There is one song that I’m sure will eventually get old, but right now I can’t but help sing along to and it’s “Moves by Jagger” by Maroon 5 feat Christina Aguilera.  Both artists had fallen into silence it seemed for a bit (or at least weren’t doing anything that I paid attention to) and then came this song.
I imagine it will soon be added to my workout playlist because it does a good job getting me pumped!
My last semester at college, I had an assignment to interview someone in the music industry.  Anyone.  As long as I could get in contact with them and they agreed to the interview, of course.  I went searching through my brain for people that I’d want to interview and quite honestly, I’d have been excited to interview anyone!  But I was super excited when Maroon 5’s manager agreed to do the interview; and even more excited when we actually found time to complete it.  It was a phone interview (you know with him being in California and me in Boston).  My biggest take-a-way from our chat, was that he was the one who helped “break” Maroon 5 – he took them when no one really knew who they were, to the internationally known band they are today.  And he’s been with them through it all (and I believe, still is).  I remember hanging up the phone and thinking about how someday, I want to say that I broke a band and years later we’re still standing side to side working together like a family.  There was a brief moment I thought I was getting there, I was wrong but years later and that interview still left me with a bit of a soft spot for Maroon 5.

(All of the videos for this song are weird…sorry, but true…)