Music That’s Made to Make You Feel Something

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My heart is melting today…from music. This isn’t the first time and I know it won’t be the last but it started with one song and it kept going.

mm shallows

I sat in my bed Saturday afternoon working and writing and trying to focus but I found myself engrossed in the music and the emotion it was drawing out of me. The tears that streamed down my cheek as I listened to the lyrics, the melody and the harmonies that filled in the spaces.

You know this is what I live for; this is why I can never fully let music leave my life. It’s for moments like this, moments that get me thinking and wondering and hoping and wishing and dreaming. Dreaming about all of the things that I want out of my life, my career, my relationships, myself.

Maybe I overthink it a bit but I’m okay with that. Music is something that is supposed to draw out emotions and be personal. One song can mean one thing to me and something else to you but have the same impact on both of us.

music quote

What are you listening to today?

What music draws emotion out of you?