My 10 Running Tidbits

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While I had the last two days off (at least for the most part), I’m spending the whole weekend working.  I’m hoping that I’ll still be able to get in a good amount of study time, a long run and a little play time.  It can’t be all work and no play – balance is key!

Anyway, speaking of running, I saw this survey on Paige’s blog the other day and while she saw it on a few other blogs, I thought it might be something fun to do today.  Enjoy!

 1. FUEL: Shot Bloks, GU, Energy Chews, Candy or Other?

A. I’ve never run a distance where I needed running fuel but I am getting to the point that I WILL need to.  Tell me your favorites!

2. Race Length: 5k, 10k, 1/2 Marathon, Marathon, Ultra or Other?

A. I’ve only completed a 5k race so far but I finished my 10k training plan and am planning to complete the Chicago’s Perfect 10 – 10k.  While I do hope to complete a 1/2 marathon next year, I anticipate 10k will be my favorite distance.

3. Workout Bottoms: Skirts, Running Shorts, Capris, Pants or Other?

A. I’m all about running shorts or skirts, but shorts are definitely my favorite.  The only time I can really wear anything more than shorts or a tank top while running is with the cold weather.  Otherwise, I just overheat way too quickly.

4. Sports Drink: Gatorade, Powerade, Cytomax, you stick to water when you run or Other?

A. I was all about Gatorade until Blend and now it’s all about FitMixer amino.  I swear this stuff makes my runs (and really all workouts) much easier.

5. Running Temperatures: HEAT or COLD? 

A. I’d have to say probably cold.  I love the chill in the air of fall running, though I’ve never run in the middle of winter so we’ll see how I feel in a few weeks but running in the humidity is really hard on my asthma so I’ll pass on the heat.

6. Running Shoe Brands: Saucony, Mizuno, Nike, Brookes, Asics or Other?

A. Mizuno & Nike! I have a love for both brands so much.

7. Pre-race meal: Oatmeal, Bagel, Banana, Eggs, Cereal or Other? 

A. 1 piece of whole wheat toast (or english muffin) with peanut butter and banana

8. Rest Days: 1x per week, 2x per week, never ever ever or Other? 

A. 1 usually take 1-2 days off per week from workouts, but 4 days off from running, as I usually only run 3 days/week.

9. Music: Have to have it or go without it? 

A. Music is a must.  It helps me stay in the zone and from getting bored.  It also helps power me through the tougher parts of my workout.

10: #1 reason for running: stress-relief, endorphins, you love to race, so you can eat all the cupcakes you want, weight-loss, love running for social reasons or Other? 

A. Stress-relief and endorphins! But after 1 run, I’m definitely hooked and who wouldn’t want to eat all the cupcakes you want?! 😉

Tell me this:

Favorite running shoe?

#1 reason for running?

(or working out in general if you’re not a runner)

6 thoughts on “My 10 Running Tidbits

  1. Michelle @ Eat Move Balance

    My favorite running shoe is Brooks Adrenaline. I’ve been running in them for years….they are awesome! I love running, but I’ve also learned over the years that my body needs me to balance it out with other activities so I also bike, strength train and do yoga. 🙂

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