My Announcement!

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I have been trying to hold this secret in for as long as I possibly could but the excitement is just building up inside of me too much and I can’t wait to share!
It’s something I’ve been thinking about for awhile but haven’t really been able to push the thought away.  My initial instinct was this thought was my way of freaking out and over-reacting to the situation at hand (losing the band), but after weeks (months) of this re-occurring thought, I decided to view it in a different light: this is my sign that it’s my chance to create my career in a fresh new way, combining ALL of my passions into one life that I truly enjoy.
If you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life – that is my goal!
And I’m sure now you’re wondering HOW I’m going to do that? 
Well that’s exactly what I’m going to be figuring out, but here’s where I’m going to start:
I’m joining the UCLA Extension Program to receive my Certificate in Fitness Instruction!
This is going to take some time to complete; they say the average is about 2 years.  I’m not looking to rush this process, but rather start slow to ensure this is what I want to be doing.
I’m going to be starting this summer with 1 online course in Human Anatomy & Physiology.  It’s not the course I’d necessarily want to start with but it’s recommended to start, so I figured I probably should.
Upon completion of my certificate, I’ll have the possibility of getting my Masters in Kinesiology, though I’m not sure if I want to do that just yet.
As I mentioned above, I want to create my career in a fresh new way, combining ALL of my passions into one life that I truly enjoy.  And by ALL, I do mean ALL.  I want to combine fitness, nutrition and music, into one career (or multiple careers if I want) and one life that makes me happy.
I want to be able to write about the steps that I take to live a healthy lifestyle with a complete understanding and education as to why.  I want to confidently be able to inform others how they can improve their lifestyles in a way that won’t really feel like work or that they’re missing out on something more.  I’m going to find a way to do this and still have the music industry be an integral part of my career.  I have a couple ideas but starting classes is the beginning of the journey to figure out what will really work for me. 
Thank you all for your support and I welcome you to continue this journey with me. 


3 thoughts on “My Announcement!

  1. Leona

    Hmm…I can sooo picture you doing this!! Wonderful ideas and I can feel your passion all the way out here on the east coast. Good luck to you!!

  2. Mom

    Glad you have figured out the next step in your journey of life. 🙂 We are routing for you! You always make us proud!

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