My First Week Without a (Planned) Long Run

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I’m not sure how to thank you all for your kind words on yesterday’s post. Choosing to defer my marathon entry has been one of the hardest decisions for me to make and while I know it’s right, sometimes I still want to train and see if I can pull it off. But I know better.


Making the decision to defer took a huge weight off my shoulders. It’s allowing me to put that energy towards myself, towards my work and towards dreams bigger than me.


I love running but it’s been nice to step away from it the last few days. I’m going to try and work on incorporating more yoga back into my practice again as I think that will help both my mind and body.

Friday 8/8

Bench Press: 5-3-1+ 70# (4)

WOD – 10 rounds for time:

Sprint 100m

10 push-ups (purple band)

time: 8:24


Saturday 8/9



Sunday 8/10

2.25 mile run

2 mile walk


Monday 8/11

strength: split jerk 2-2-2-2-2 (85#)

WOD for time:

50 deadlifts (65#)

50 slam balls (10#)

*EMOTM 5 burpees

time: 5:56


Tuesday 8/12

Back Squat: 3-3-3+ 85#(8)

WOD w/ 12:00 on the clock…

900m row


-5 power cleans (35#)

-10 hand-release push-ups (red band)

-40 single unders

score: 5+3 push-ups


Wednesday 8/13

Strength: Strict Press: 7-7-7+ : 50# (4)

WOD for time:


Overhead Squat (25#)

Pull-ups (green+red)

Overhead Walking Lunges (25#)


time: 8:59


Thursday 8/14



I’ve got a 5k mud run tomorrow (with Amanda!) and then I’m not sure what Sunday will look like. My first week where I’m not planning on a long run in many many months, it’s crazy!


What’s your weekend look like?

4 thoughts on “My First Week Without a (Planned) Long Run

  1. Katie

    I hope you have a blast during the mud run! And I didn’t comment before, but I think it is so smart to wait until you/your body/your mind is ready for the marathon, without those three things it really isn’t worth it.

  2. Tina Muir

    Solid week, and very brave of you to listen to your body and back out the marathon. That is so important and will pay off in the long run. It is hard not to feel as though you are quitting, but smarter to be safe as there will always be another race! A 5k mud run will be fun, I hope to do one of those someday when I am not a competitive athlete, I am sure they would be great to do 🙂 Enjoy it for me for now!

    1. Katie Post author

      It was definitely a hard decision but running has been more fun and stress free this week so I know it was the right move!

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