my papa

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Last week was rough and unfortunately, it wasn’t only due to my health.  The night before my parents flew out to LA, they called to let me know my grandfather wasn’t in good shape and was going quickly.  He assured them he wasn’t giving up but it was clear he was tired and ready to go.
My parents arrived at the hospital Wednesday evening and only an hour or so after, got the call that my grandpa had passed.  My dad immediately began making the necessary calls, my mom called my sister and I sat trying to just take in everything that was going on around me, including accepting that my health was going to keep me from being able to say goodbye to him.
My sister wrote about the 4th of July parade when my grandpa wore his old uniform and all of the vets walking in the parade would come up to him and shake his hand.  It was the cutest thing and I knew he was so happy inside.
I remember Christmas as a kid and all of his cool trains going around the tree.  And I remember when my grandma was in her last moments and after she passed, just how much he truly loved her (despite their fighting) as he would not leave her side.  It was the sweetest and most heart-breaking thing.  And of course, how could you forget the amazing cakes he would decorate for my birthday every year as a kid.  My favorite?  Probably the Barbie doll cake he had to make year after year because I loved it so much.
And I’m pretty sure when you think “cute grandpa” it’s my grandpa that you’d think of.

rip papa.
My grand parents 
My papa and I at my college graduation party

Pops with some of the fam

I’m sorry I can’t be there to say goodbye.