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Back in October (?) I had the opportunity to see Dr. Gilles LaMarche speak while attending an event with my chiro. Besides talking about his chiropractic story, he talked about the power of intention. While it was focused around chiropractic care, the lesson can be taken back and used in our daily lives. After the speech, he gave my chiro a copy of his book, The Art of Responsibility, for each member of the team.


It’s not a very long book and I’m ashamed to say that it took me until January to finally sit down and read it. It was a fairly quick read and definitely interesting. Throughout he has a few prompts for journaling or to stop and think about the responsibility you’re taking for your life and what you want from it.

1017134_10100109073612609_2052975900_nShortly after the talk, my chiro asked the team to write up our personal & professional mission statements. It was an interesting exercise and I figured I’d share my personal mission statement with you all today.

personal mission

Definitely sums up how I try to move through life and what a great reminder to look at for those days when I lose my focus.


Do you have a personal mission statement?

What would you include in yours?

5 thoughts on “My Personal Mission Statement

  1. brenda

    my personal mission statement has kept me aligned with my vision. It walks alongside my endeavors in living my God’s intended purpose.

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