My Thankful Thursday Week 2

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Happy Thursday! I know the weekend approaching is a good thing, but honestly, I need this week to slow down a bit for me. With the move and new job starting on Monday, I’m honestly feeling a bit overwhelmed and am wishing the next 4 days would be twice as long.

I guess that makes My Thankful Thursday all that much more important this week for me. So let’s just jump to it, shall we?


1. The new job

Obviously there are many reasons to be thankful for having a job, especially after being unemployed for the last couple of months, but for me this extends well beyond the normal reasons to be thankful for having A job; this is about THE job. It just feels like the right opportunity for me. Check out Tuesday’s post for more information and thank you to everyone who congratulated me and has been supporting me with this transition!

2. My new apartment

A new job in a new city (and state) means a new apartment and I feel very thankful to have found a fairly nice place within my budget and that I was able to make happen in such a short amount of time. I picked up my keys Tuesday morning, moved in a carload of stuff, drove back to Illinois Wednesday morning, packed up a truck and the rest of my stuff, met a friend for coffee and drove back to Michigan so we can unload first thing tomorrow morning. I started unpacking on Tuesday while the internet was being set up and just the simple task of finding places for things, just already started to make it feel like my own.

3. Date Night

I got into town Monday night and the boy and I were both super exhausted and debated just going to bed early. Then he remembered a gift card that he had for one of his favorite breweries in town so we decided to go for a beer (well, beer for him, water for me so I can keep my hair but I did have a couple sips to try!). We ended up finding our second wind and it was really nice to just sit and talk for a couple of hours. I think it also gave me a glimpse into how nice it will be to live closer to one another; whether we have a date night in or a date night out, we’ll get to actually date and just enjoy each other’s company more often. It really is the little things!

What are you thankful for this week? Make sure to join Amanda and I by linking up your posts below!

9 thoughts on “My Thankful Thursday Week 2

  1. Crystal // Dreams, etc.

    I can imagine things are really stressful right now with all the changes. Like you said, it’s the perfect time to think about what you’re thankful for! I love that some of what you’re thankful for is also what’s causing the most stress right now. I think that’s often how it is. 🙂

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