National Yoga Month: Crow Pose

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I have been working on today’s pose for quite some time. And as with all things, if I am not consistently working on it in my practice, I lose it quicker than it took to build the base.

What pose am I referring to?



I think crow may be one of the first arm balances introduced in many yoga classes. There are also side versions of each, but admittedly, I have a ways to go yet until I can find comfort in that version of uncomfortable, but with each day, I’m getting closer to achieving that full crow practice.

One of my favorite ways to get into this pose is from malasana, or yogi squat. With your knees bent, butt towards the ground and elbows inside your knees pushing them outward, it’s not only a great stretch, it’s a great crow transition.

We plant our hands flat on the mat with chatturanga arms, take our knees basically right into our arm pits and lean forward, slowly picking up one foot and then the other until we’re quite literally balancing on our arms.

I remember an instructor prompting us to “puff our backs up” as that visual cue that will include engaging our core and bandahs.

As scary as it can be to balance and be upside down like that, the great thing about crow is that we don’t have that far to fall, should that be the direction things go.


Here are a few benefits of crow:

  1. Builds endurance and focus
  2. Strengthens the wrists
  3. Tones the abdominal wall
  4. Strengthens arms
  5. Stretches and strengthens the back

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While I’m still working on my crow pose (you can see in the photos there is one foot still on the ground as I practice lifting one and then the other), there is a pose that I surprised myself the other weekend by being a lot closer to it than I had any clue: Eight Ankle pose. Check it out!

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Do you have any arm balances in your practice?

Do you have your eye on being able to do any arm balances?

8 thoughts on “National Yoga Month: Crow Pose

  1. Stephanie Jeannot

    I know that takes a lot of time and dedication to develop the strength and agility to do that pose. I have done yoga for a number of year though I slacked a bit but, I still cannot do that pose. But one day. If people only knew how beneficial yoga was to the body . . .

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