National Yoga Month: Downward Facing Dog

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I’m so glad everyone is as excited about National Yoga Month as I am!!

down dog feat

I am really using it as an excuse to hone in on my practice and make sure I’m as dedicated as I want to be to my practice and stay consistent.

So what pose are we focusing on today?

Downward Facing Dog.

downward facing dog

With that said, here are 5 benefits of downward facing dog:

  1. Provides a moment to check in with yourself
  2. Encourages blood flow and gets things moving
  3. It helps build upper body strength
  4. Promotes flexibility in the hamstrings
  5. Strengthens the immune system

When I practice, very rarely do I rest in child’s pose, I like to rest in downward facing dog. Sure I’m still working on some level, but with my hips high, feet pressing to the ground, my (forever tight) hamstrings are provided an opportunity to stretch; my back is flat and my shoulders feel strong as I hold myself up. This is my pose; this is my moment to check-in with where I am, with how I feel, and to remind myself that I am strong, both mentally and physically.

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What is your favorite thing about downward facing dog?

What is your favorite yoga pose?

14 thoughts on “National Yoga Month: Downward Facing Dog

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