National Yoga Month: Triangle

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I feel like I need to start by telling you all that today’s pose is hands down one of my favorite poses in yoga! I’m sure I’ve told this story before but back when I was living in LA and first got really into yoga, I joined a studio just down the street from where I was working. I got a membership through Groupon (or one of those kinds of sites) and had 30 days unlimited use and I wanted to take complete advantage so I challenged myself to 30 days in a row of yoga. I tested out different classes, times and instructors, making it fit to my work schedule but also to really understand what I like and want for my practice.

During this time I was not at my best mentally; this was only a few weeks (month tops) after losing The Lumineers to new management and I couldn’t help but question my place in the industry (hello, still do!) but as we moved into triangle, I remember this instructor talking about triangle as if it were magic.

I know it sounds crazy but I remember her explaining it in a way that if there is something you really want, triangle can help you get there if you think about it while in that pose. Maybe she was crazy or maybe I misunderstood everything she was saying but since that class, I’ve had this attachment to triangle. Do I get everything I want when I stand in triangle and think about it? Debatable but I do feel a little magic running through me as I think back to that class, that time, how far I have come and how this practice has truly supported me through some of the hardest times of my life.

Sounds like magic to me.


Anyway, let’s move on to some of the proven health benefits of triangle:

  1. Relieves backache
  2. Therapeutic for stress and anxiety
  3. Strengthens back, neck and core
  4. Strengthens legs, feet and ankles
  5. Improves digestion by stimulating abdominal organs

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Are you a fan of triangle pose?

Have you had any “magic” moments in yoga?

16 thoughts on “National Yoga Month: Triangle

  1. MaKenna

    I practice yoga every Monday and Wednesday–wish I did more. This triangle pose has been one we do often in my class! Sun salutations are what we do most, and those make me feel great. 🙂

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