Needtobreathe ‘The Heart’

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Somehow my weeks just keep getting busier and busier and even when I think I’m being smarter about scheduling, I get a little over zealous with events and next thing I know we’ve got 6 events in 8 days and I have to pretty much schedule out every moment so we know where we need to be and when and maybe more important, where we’re sleeping that night.


Sipping on my Rehydrate before bed


I’m so thankful for every moment that I can take to breathe, relax and catch up on some of the many random things that are taking over my todo list. For many I know that may not seem like relaxing, but mentally it helps me feel better so I’ll take it! 😉


Long live the heart

Long live this soul

That knows what it wants

No matter how far

How heavy this load

It never let’s go

Does that seem fitting for anyone else? 

Taking on this year is a huge undertaking and the load can get pretty hard to carry sometimes. After a Friday that required rushing off to Camping World for an RV issue without getting to say goodbye to my cousin and his wife that we were staying with, driving around trying to hunt down packages that were never delivered days after their expected due dates and with tracking info that couldn’t tell us where they were, driving around trying to get RV chores done, phone calls to get various issues resolved and then driving to the location for Saturday’s event, I was exhausted. Mentally and physically.

Yet despite all of the frustrations, I can’t let go of this crazy dream. I know it’s crazy but I also know it’s powerful and I can feel it’s potential. So after making myself a simple sweet potato and avocado dinner and washing dishes, I crawled into bed with my Rehydrate (had to get ready for 15.2 the next morning!), turned on some music and let myself get lost in writing and notes and brainstorming. It was glorious.

Tell me about your weekend – what’d you do? what music are you listening to?

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