Not Home for the Holidays – Part 2

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Well the afternoon may not have turned out exactly as I thought it may, but I’m not complaining.  Overall, I think I can call it a good Christmas.
Obviously, if I was able to be home with my family and partaking in our usual Christmas traditions, it’d be that much better but I made the most of what I could.  My roommate and her boyfriend showed up a little after noon and while I was mildly annoyed, they ended up providing a bit of entertainment as well as allowed me to interact with people face-to-face (non FaceTime and video Skype that is).
While talking to my family this afternoon I did laundry and went for a walk around the neighborhood.  The weather today was in the 70s and sunny and with the gym closed, it was the perfect way to get in a bit of exercise.  (While a run would be nice, I’m not sure my body is quite ready for high impact activity – my incisions are still kind of sore.)  Shortly after getting home I started making my lasagna dinner.  I sautéed the veggies, built the lasagna and while I let it sit, I went out for another walk.  It was getting a bit chilly but was not bad at all.
Coming from the midwest and living in parts of the country where there are seasons, I have a hard time feeling like it’s the holidays in LA because it doesn’t get cold and it doesn’t snow.  While there was no white Christmas in my hometown this year, I’m hoping that’s because Jack Frost is waiting for me to come home and let there be a white Christmas on the day my family chooses to celebrate.  That sounds like the perfect present.
Anyway, I returned home from my walk, put the lasagna in the oven, prepared my salad and the garlic bread and when everything was ready, sat down to a delicious dinner.  I made a super simple vegan lasagna (lactose intolerance means lasagna has to be vegan), a simple from-a-bag salad, toasted up bread with garlic butter, and a 1/2 glass of red wine.  It was easy, super delicious, and brought a little bit of Christmas to LA for me today.

I had this plan where I was going to bake a bunch of cookies or my family’s Swedish Coffee Bread (instead I requested that for while I’m home), read a lot of Harry Potter and watched a bunch of movies.  Well I didn’t bake a single thing, watched a super cheesy ABC Family Christmas movie (and made a failed attempt at watching Chocolat) and will only be sitting down to read HP when I hit “publish.”  There’s a part of me that’s debating 20 minutes of yoga and another part of me that thinks I’ll fall asleep any minute, despite how early it is.
We can’t all be with our families for Christmas and that’s upsetting.  Sometimes accepting offers to celebrate with other’s families just doesn’t fit.  And while spending it alone may not be the most ideal situation, it’s all about what you make of it.  And this year, I feel pretty good about what I made of it.
Wednesday I get to head home for my belated Christmas with my family.  If I’m lucky, next year I’ll get to spend Christmas with my family on Christmas.
Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!