November 2016 Workout Recap

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Can I just start out by asking who binged Gilmore Girls this weekend? *raises hand* 

Don’t worry, there are NO spoilers here! I had to work Friday and was very careful as I made my way around social media as to not see anything but found that for the most part, people were pretty respectful which was definitely appreciated! I watched one episode before work and the other 3 after, but I have to admit that I kind of feel like I need to watch each one on it’s own at a more normal pace so I can really dive into them further and remember what happens in each episode, instead of the story as a whole. And without the feeling of “when is so-and-so going to show up?” anticipation.


Anyway, last month’s workout recap seemed to be a big hit, so I thought I would continue that this month and take a look back at my workouts from November.


14 classes completed

985 minutes of yoga


18 miles covered

Circuit/Strength Workouts:

13 short circuits completed


18 walks completed (10+ minutes)


5 complete rest days taken

Additional Cardio:

3.3 miles biked

I have to admit that while I got in a decent number of yoga classes this month, despite the move mid-month, I found myself just craving it and missing my early morning classes. It’s going to take me a bit to figure out how it really fits into my schedule and what is attainable, but I’m really proud that I was able to fit in so many classes regardless.

I want to work on my at-home practice some more and remembering that I can get in a great flow at home, whether before or after work, through online sources and podcasts. This is how I started doing yoga several years ago so I know it’s possible, but I also love having some place to go practice and sweat it out.

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Can I admit that I have felt this huge pull for yoga teacher training? Not to be a full time yoga teacher, but to deepen my practice and maybe even teach a little part time. My studio is offering a course next year but yoga teacher training is pricey and there’s other places my money need to go right now. I’m hoping this is something I can do sometime though because time and time again, yoga proves to be an integral part of my fitness routine but also a significant player in my spiritual, mental and emotional state.

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How were your workouts this month?

Anyone gone through (or thinking about) yoga teacher training? What was your experience?

13 thoughts on “November 2016 Workout Recap

  1. Mistle

    Amazing job on your work outs! I slacked off this month. I am getting back into the routine though! I’ll be attending 3 barre classes this weekend and going to the gym when I am not in those classes. Here’s to working out!

  2. Dominique

    Wow that is a lot of yoga! I’m not sure how many hours I’ve clocked this month (a lot less than usual because we went away on holiday for a week or so) but I mixed it up with walking, jogging, RPM and Step classes 🙂

  3. Charlotte

    Okay, can someone please explain this Gilmore Girls phenom to me? I must be one of a handful of people who’ve never seen this show before. So it’s a remake? A continuation of the story?? Or they just aired all of the episodes all over again!?

    Anyway, thanks always for sharing this behind-the-scenes workout inspo. Seriously, you always inspire me here… and I imagine you’ll be an excellent yoga teacher! That’s incredible 🙂
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  4. Kim

    I love the idea of tracking my mileage for my runs! After a indulgent Thanksgiving, I have been really committed to working out this week. I also have a plan to do a half marathon in March, so I have been running a bit more. I need to keep track of what I do to see how far I’ve come. Thanks for the motivation!!

  5. carla

    Years ago I did the yoga teacher training for children.
    Let that thing lapse (DONT BE ME EVER :-)) and wanna get back to it now.
    11 years later.

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