November 2017 Goals

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I say this every month, but it’s crazy to think we’re already in November! The next two months are bound to be extra busy with my full-time job, a potential work trip to Seattle, yoga teacher training, a few events to attend with the boy, and then holiday season kicking into high gear (in my personal life and the potential extra hours at work). I’m not complaining as I am actually looking forward to every single thing on my calendar this month, but I definitely have to make sure to prioritize self care  so I can be at my healthiest and enjoy every moment and event.

Now before I get to my goals for November, let’s take a minute to look back on October  and see how I did:

1 – Host a giveaway on blog or Instagram Check! I had my Desire Map Planner giveaway!

2 – Finish my Whole 30 – This didn’t happen. After getting sick and fainting at work one day (I wish I was kidding), I just wanted Cheerios so I talked with my friend I was doing this with and we decided to forego this attempt. We may try again in the future, we’ll see.

3 – Step outside my comfort zone Check! I went to the TIU Tour date in Chicago, meeting new people!

4 – Start yoga teacher training Check! We started the 26th! I’ll be sure to give you updates from time to time as I know a few people have asked to hear how it goes.

5 – Get ahead on blogging Check! I’m not quite as far ahead as I hoped I would be, but I have a few posts written and scheduled which will be great for the extra busy weeks coming up in November.

Overall I feel really good about how October went. While I’m not going to attempt another Whole 30 right now, I am hoping to really dial in my nutrition this month and pay attention to the foods that feel best in my body. That’s something I can do every day, with or without any kind of formal program.

With that out of the way, here are my goals for November:

1 – Complete 30 days of yoga

I will be doing a lot of yoga with YTT, but I want to work on my at-home practice during this time too for the days when I’m not going into the studio.

2 – Save money / pay off debt

I’m reminding myself that progress is progress and since I paid off a major medical bill last month, I’m ready to start tackling some other lingering stressors.

3 – Get ahead on blogging

I just want to make sure I’m continuing to work ahead from where I set myself up in October. I love sharing content that is timely, but there are some posts that can be prepped ahead of time and then I can fill in with more catch-up/timely posts in between.

4 – Grow Instagram to 1800

Do you follow me? ha! 😉

5 – Read 2 books

I’ll definitely have some reading to do for YTT, but I want to make sure I am still reading books outside of YTT. These can be audio or physical, either counts in my book. (Pun intended!)

What are some of your goals for November?