On a Day like Today – Blah

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It’s days like this that make living in LA okay in my book.  It’s nearly 80 degrees and the sun is shining.  But it’s also days like this that make me hate how much you need a car in LA.  Granted I have that bike now which helps (but I’m not really allowing myself to ride it until I get it checked out – I’m afraid it’s going to break under me).  What I really miss though is walking.  If I was in NYC on a day like today, I’d probably walk through Central Park, grab a coffee and keep walking until I reached my destination or my legs got tired.  In Boston, I would grab my camera, walk along the Charles, through the Commons and probably head over to the North End before turning around and heading back home.  In LA, it’s harder to take any of those kinds of trips.  Granted there are side walks and you can walk somewhere, with everything so spread out, you would walk a lot further just to get to your first destination and probably wouldn’t have the energy to make it through all of your errands.  
But weather like this makes me want to go outside – walk around, run, sit in the grass and read, write, listen to music, whatever.  But I feel like if I’m going to go sit in the grass somewhere (or on the beach for that matter), I need to drive to get to that destination.  Annoying.  And generally the whole act of needing to get in my car (especially when gas prices are so frustratingly high), I don’t want to do anything that requires me to get in my car.  That feeling is filled up inside of me today and I really don’t feel like driving, though I did because I wanted to go shopping. 🙂
I wish I could say it was worth it too but it wasn’t.  I had a pretty unsuccessful shopping trip that just left me feeling pretty awful about myself.  Nothing fit.  Or it didn’t fit right.  It was one of those shopping trips that while you know you shouldn’t let it get to you, it does.  And it did.
So now I sit at home with laundry going, feeling kinda blah and so exhausted I wish I could go to bed right now.  I think it’s going to be an early night.  Blah.