On the hunt

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I’m on the hunt.

Not for a person.  Not for food.  But for a new yoga studio.

About this time last year I purchased a month of unlimited yoga at The Yoga Collective in Santa Monica.  I didn’t use it until the end of April / early May and decided to make it a 30 Day Yoga Challenge.

Upon completing this challenge, I felt amazing and needless to say, I was hooked.  So when they began a summer special in May, I was excited that I was able to continue my practice at a cheaper rate.  When the special was over, I decided that unlimited access to an amazingly beautiful studio with some wonderful teachers, was worth it.  The money was going to my health and happiness.  And I never regret a session.

Then my health got funky and pain kept me from going as often as I would have liked.  And after not having gone in over a month, I called to cancel my unlimited pass.  They were understanding and made an exception to their usual cancellation policy.

But then I went back.  My pass was already expired so I paid for a single class but I also found out the studio was cutting the space by more than half.  They were getting rid of the entire top level of the studio; the main level of the studio; the gorgeous level of the studio.  Instead, they will be in a single (much smaller) room.  It’s great for heated classes but that’s the only time I prefer that room.

Needless to say, I was disappointed but happy that I was no longer paying the same amount for a space that would not in my mind be worth that amount.  I’m sad to see the space go, but I’m sure the owners are making the move because they need to.  Unfortunately, while I’ll still go to that studio on occasion, I’m losing my loyalty and I’m hunting for a new studio.

I bought a GroupOn deal yesterday for Yogis Annonymous in Santa Monica where I’ll get 20 classes to decide if I like them enough to be loyal.

But with that, if you’re in the LA area and have a favorite yoga studio, I want to know!  Send me your suggestions.