Opening The Jar Of Good Things

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At the start of 2013, I took an empty jar and deemed it my jar of good things. As the year went by and good or fun things happened, no matter how big or small, I wrote it on a sticky note and threw it into my jar. Now that 2013 is coming to a close, it was time to go back to the jar and remember all of those special moments – no matter how big or small.




1/1 – Ran the LifeTime Fitness Commitment Day 5k Run with my friend, Josie.

1/5-1/6 – Weekend with my blends, Amanda & Calee in Iowa

1/8 – Signed up for my first 1/2 Marathon to be completed in April

Read The Defining Decade by Meg Jay & found the clarity I had been looking for! Emailed the author and received a great response. 




2/8 – Met Lauren for tea & lunch in Chicago – love how blogging can lead to new, great friendships!

I was having a rough day at work when my co-worker and good friend handed me a small piece of paper where she wrote “breathe easy” – I carried it around with me the rest of the day and stuck it in the jar of good things, because that’s exactly what it is.




3/13 – Job offer from my chiropractor

3/26-3/27 – Last day working at Conscious Cup coffee and my first official day working for my chiropractor




4/2 – A great phone call with my now boss that gave hope for my now job!

4/6 – Ran my first 1/2 marathon, the Lincoln Presidential 1/2 Marathon in Springfield, IL finishing in 2:12:15!

4/28 – 5 mile run that started really rough but once I hit mile 3, my heart was suddenly filled with sun, light, love and hope!




5/5 – Semi-spontaneous sign up for the Bob Blazier 5k and despite starting the morning with an uneasy stomach, I finished in 27 minutes and second in my age group!

5/17-5/19 – Blend Retreat 2013 in Park City, Utah!




6/16 – The Color Run in Chicago with friends Candace & Josie!




7/28 – Refinished two old dressers that have been sitting in my parent’s garage and LOVE how they turned out!




8/3 – Traveled back to LA to see my friends Blayne & Heather get married!

8/25 – Fort2Base 3NM Race – 3.45 miles finishing 6th in my age group. An AMAZING comeback after a rough July race!



Thanks for CocoaVia for the cute photo!

Thanks for CocoaVia for the cute photo!

9/13-9/14 – Attended the Healthy Living Summit in Minneapolis, MN



10/1 – Moved into my own place again after a year of living back at home

10/2 – Officially accepted a position as the Chicago A&R Scout for PledgeMusic!

10/20 – DesMoines 1/2 Marathon – finished in 2:17:53!

10/21 – My first official day at my new job




11/9 – I got coffee with a friend from high school who I haven’t seen or talked to for years and picked up like no time had passed




12/9-12/13 – Traveled to Boston for Work

12/28 – Painting & Wine night with my sister for her Christmas present


There were several things that never even made the jar, despite being some great moments but seeing as this post is already pretty long, that’s probably a good thing! Regardless, it’s definitely a sign of a great year. I can’t wait to celebrate my blessings from the year and see what 2014 has to offer.


Happy New Year, friends!


What were some of the good things from your 2013?

14 thoughts on “Opening The Jar Of Good Things

  1. Yasmeen

    Tomorrow I am getting me a jar and starting this for 2014! It is such a lovely concept. I would love to look back at my year and see all the small & big things that have impacted my life. It’s good to see that you’ve had a really good year. Wishing you all the best for 2014!!

  2. Lauren @ Me and the Mountains

    What a GREAT year you had! I love your recap- and i love that I got to see you twice (though I still wish it was even more AND we had more time to hang out!). I’m sure I’ll be seeing you a few times in 2014. Happy New Year, love!

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