Our Belated Christmas

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Our Christmas may have occurred late and a bit out of order, but we are doing all we can to keep it as we know it.  This morning we decided it was Christmas.  Generally this is where I’d wake up to my parents busy cooking morning brunch but instead we all packing into the car and headed off to breakfast at Benedict’s La Strata.  It’s a cute little restaurant open for breakfast and lunch in downtown with an overwhelmingly delicious sounding menu.
After we all debated our choices for longer than someone probably should, we all ended up with an extremely delicious looking (and tasting breakfast).  I ended up with a soy latte (made with Intelligentsia coffee!) and pumpkin pancakes.  It was a fail that I didn’t take a picture of my breakfast or this cute little restaurant.  I’m pretty sure this will become a new breakfast spot when I come to town.
Shortly after we came home, we dug into our stockings and Christmas presents to each other.  We are all extremely happy with our gifts and my dad was downstairs immediately setting up his new computer.  Sadly, I have not yet been able to talk him into getting an Apple computer.  (Oh but I will!) 😉
After a quick lunch, my sister and I ran off for a little shopping.  We had a few things we needed to get, some gift cards to use, and with a certain birthday on the horizon, some additional shopping that needed to get done.
A delicious dinner, trip to the gym and post-workout snack under my belt, my sister and I are gearing up to watch A White Christmas.  We will have family over tomorrow morning and afternoon for more Christmas celebrations.  It is my hope to fit in a workout before it all starts and end the evening by catching up with a friend I haven’t seen in a few years.
So far, so good.