Love More…Or just by yourself flowers

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Don’t let this get to you.  You’re bigger than that.  You’ve grown and moved on. …if I keep telling myself this, I’ll eventually believe it – right?! How is it possible to be a hopeless romantic, yet not believe in love?  Will our broken hearts from past relationships always affect our future ones?  Will we ever just be able to… Read more »

I need exercise!

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Sometimes I wake up and I can’t imagine how I lived my life without a consistent exercise routine.  Cliche as it may seem, exercise keeps me sane and happy and centered.  Yes, I am one of those people who will wake up at 5AM, just to get to the gym before being at work at 8.  But trust me when… Read more »

Talk Less, Say More

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Starting a blog is always weird.  That first post.  Starting with a blank page.  It sets a tone.  It grabs attention.  Or it flops like a fish out of water.  But no matter how it goes, you keep writing.  And that’s exactly how it should be. I start this blog for many reasons, but most important of them all, is… Read more »