The Mountains Are Calling

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And I must go?  It’s not usually a question but sometimes it feels like it, or maybe the question is actually HOW?  WHERE? HOW LONG? BY MYSELF?  I’ve always had this desire to go to the mountains and lately, it’s been getting stronger. I think of Colorado. I think of Iceland. I think of how grounding it feels to be… Read more »

Maybe it’s all of it; Maybe it’s none of it

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I’ve felt this desire to write lately. Some ideas would bubble to the surface then quickly vanish before a second thought could be given. Or maybe I’d get pulled into work, a group text chain, or the desire to just relax in front of the TV. Whatever may have caused the idea to drift away, it happened and more time… Read more »

The Whisper

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Trying to write again. Trying to find the words. Trying to find the thing that used to be such an outlet for me that has somehow been lost in the sea of everyday life, social media, working, healing, and whatever else fills the time. But there’s a void. A space that I used to spend time writing, with words, with… Read more »

September 2020 Intentions

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I’ve taken some time off from sharing my goals and intentions for the month. To be honest, there’s no real good reason except for the “excuse” that seems to follow me around like a constant shadow: toxic mold (and everything that has come with it). I spent most of July starting to clean, decide what stays and what goes, which… Read more »

Lessons from the Outhouse

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About a month and a half ago, I found myself completely burnt out. Between the pandemic, work, the mold in my house, 2020 as a whole, and my exhausted body and mind, I needed a break. I found myself craving nature in a way that sitting outside or walking through a park couldn’t cure.  I wanted to be alone. No… Read more »

Are you listening?

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Are you listening? I mean, really, truly listening?  Chances are, the answer to that question is no. And you’re not alone. I’ve failed to listen too. We all have.  We get busy with the hustle and bustle of life, of other people’s opinions, of the big shiny objects and we ignore the voices telling us we’re going the wrong way,… Read more »

On An Island

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I wish this was about me physically being on an island, soaking in some sunshine, drinking a Pina Colada, and relaxing, but alas, that’s not quite the case. This is a different kind of island. The kind that makes you feel like you’re Tom Hanks in Castaway, except I’m spending my days talking things out with my dog instead of… Read more »