February 2020 Goals

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One of the goals that I made for 2020 was to get back into blogging and writing more. I’ve been semi-successful doing so, but the last few weeks I’ve definitely been feeling the intensity of life and the overwhelm has kept me from having the creative energy to write.  I used to blog my monthly goals and I’ve debated if… Read more »

How to get through a tough time

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How to get through a tough time

We have all had tough times, tough days, months, and even years. As you may or may not know, 2019 was one of the toughest years of my life. A very significant relationship came to an unexpected conclusion at the end of 2018 which catapulted me into one of the darkest periods of my life. I spent most of 2019… Read more »

20 for 2020

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Oh hey! Remember me? Remember when I used to blog? It’s crazy to think that I took the last few months entirely off from blogging, writing, or even sharing some of my new yoga and meditation videos. Sure, things have been busy and I could probably rattle off a handful of excuses but it doesn’t really matter. What matters was… Read more »

Introducing: The Healing Heart Method

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I’ve been hinting for a while around here (and on my social media) that I’ve been working on some exciting things behind the scenes. I love teaching yoga and meditation, but after hiring an amazing coach, I’ve been reminded that if I’m talking to everyone, then I’m essentially talking to no one. And it’s time to change that. But let’s… Read more »

A Return to Bouldering & Weekly Workouts #35

Happy (almost) 4th of July and a (belated) Canada Day! (Or Happy Wednesday to my friends in other parts of the word). I’m not really doing anything to celebrate this week, aside from enjoying the day entirely off from work. I don’t have to teach yoga, work my full-time job, or my part-time job. I’m hoping the weather clears from… Read more »

July 2019 Goals

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We made it to July! I’ve mentioned several times that I totally overbooked my June, so to be totally honest, I’m embracing July and what I hope will be a (mostly) return to my normal routine. I have a trip back home planned for a weekend, but other than that, it will hopefully be life as normal…at least as close… Read more »

Learning to Love Your Body for Women’s Health and Fitness – Weekly Workout #33

On my Instagram today I’m sharing a story about a woman who came into Lole over the weekend, but I think it’s so important because it really brings up the idea of women’s health and fitness that I wanted to talk about again here for our Weekly Workout post. This woman was coming in because she wanted to return an… Read more »