A Peek Inside: Apartment Tour

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I’m pretty sure I promised a tour my apartment about 4 months ago when I first moved to Grand Rapids. I’ve been pretty settled for awhile but kept telling myself “next week”…repeat that countless times and it’s now been a few months and I’m quite overdue.

I decided that not only did I need to finally share a peek into my space, but it provided a great opportunity to get things cleaned up. (What?! #truth) 😉

I am very happy with my decision to find a place that didn’t require a roommate as I do believe that makes me much happier about my living situation. Sure it can get a little lonely at times, but I’m an introvert and would rather have full control over whether or not I want to be around others. haha

apt tour PIN

From my front door you’re immediate in the living room. I don’t have a couch but those two chairs are super comfortable! I don’t really think there’s room for a couch and those chairs so I decided to hold off on buying a couch and use what I had, especially since they’re comfy, it’s just me and they meet my needs.

You’ll notice there’s no TV but the laptop on my coffee table is older and basically only used for watching shows online.

To the right of the front door is my little “office” space – desk and bookshelf. I don’t often sit at my desk, but it’s nice having that separate space set up when needed. I can’t get the external monitor to work but once I figure out what the issue is, I’ll have that all set up!

My little patio is pretty empty right now but I’m hoping to get a small table and chair out there and then plant my little garden out there as well.

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My kitchen is pretty small but it gets the job done. There’s just enough room in front of the closet for a table, 2 chairs and my shelf with espresso maker.

The bathroom is strange to me in that the door opens into the sink which seems to be because of the light switch being on the wall to the right but then watch your ankles on that heater unit.

Then my room…it’s a decent size with a pretty big closet. I keep the closet door open as it seems to make the room feel bigger (strangely enough) or maybe just not as dark (?). My full length mirror is not hanging on the wall as it needs a new frame (any ideas?) and no, I don’t have a headboard (any ideas?).

Those are my refurbished dressers from a couple years ago and I still love them just as much!

There it is…that’s my space! I hope you enjoyed the little peek into my world.

Any ideas on making a headboard and/or mirror frame?

37 thoughts on “A Peek Inside: Apartment Tour

    1. Katie Post author

      Now to actually USE the espresso machine once and awhile! (There’s another coffee pot and french press too, so don’t worry, I am still caffeinated!) 😉

    1. Katie Post author

      hahaha! I don’t think you’re alone in that! For some reason, it’s always really fun and interesting to see where other people call home. I get it! 🙂

    1. Katie Post author

      I like to choose when I’m around others…it sounds so antisocial, but I’m glad someone else gets me! 🙂

  1. Angela

    Very cute! I need a headboard as well and have been thinking about making one using wood pallets. That stuff is all over pinterest. I was just going to sand 2 down and paint them and screw them together. I think it would look cool and be cheap!

    1. Katie Post author

      I am constantly pinning headboard ideas but then I convince myself I can’t actually do that. haha!! I had a friend make an awesome pallet headboard, so I do know it’s possible!

    1. Katie Post author

      I don’t love seeing my clutter and in past apartments, it would drive me NUTS for my closet doors to be open, but when I toured the place, they had all the doors taken off the model unit and I think that open feeling just stuck with me and I needed to semi-recreate it!

  2. Charlotte

    Awww, your new place is adorable! And I love your shower curtain 🙂 Having pictures taken and posting about a new place is as good a reason as any to clean up 🙂 Reminds me… I really need to get some spring cleaning done here, too. PS: I used to have an efficiency kitchen (I think that’s what they’re called) in my last solo apartment and I loved it. Just enough space to get what I needed and it taught me all about storage options!
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    1. Katie Post author

      I had a studio apartment in Boston and the kitchen was TINY. My mom nicknamed it “the one butt kitchen” because only “one butt” (aka one person) could fit! haha

  3. Linda Luke

    Thanks for letting us peak into your windows to see what your home feels like. I love it’s simplicity and freshness. I love the no TV idea as well. I have cut the cable cord, but still use the TV for Netflix. My room would look better without it.

    1. Katie Post author

      I must admit, I have definitely thought about doing that…I just get intimidated and think I can’t and then don’t. haha

    1. Katie Post author

      Hahaha!!! I should admit that I feel like I have way too much STUFF too. This move really made me want to purge EVERYTHING and it’s still possible it may happen…

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