Photo-A-Day June #1

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Did you miss me yesterday?  I have to be honest, after the week I had, it felt nice to step away and not worry about finding time to get a post up or worry about writing anything.  Besides it’s more about quality than quantity, at least as far as I’m concerned.


Anyway, a couple weeks ago I was finding myself feeling like I was neglecting my photography.  Not that I’m a photographer in any way, but I do enjoy taking pictures that capture beautiful things, fun moments and tasty treats, or whatever else catches my eye. It just so happened a few days later I saw the FatMumSlim post the June Photo-a-Day prompt and decided it was time for me to pick that back up and challenge myself to a month of photos.


We’re a little over a week in and so far I’ve done pretty well staying on top of the daily prompt.  If I miss a day, I make sure to make up for it the next day.  Hopefully I can continue this positive progression for the rest of the month.  If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen these already, if you don’t follow me, you should – @ktyou! 😉


Regardless, here’s the first week in photos:

 1. B is for…


2. a moment


3. on my table


4. after dark


5. environment


6. transport


7. bright


Have you ever participated in the Photo-A-Day series?

What are some of your favorite photo prompts?

4 thoughts on “Photo-A-Day June #1

  1. Nicole @ FruitNFitness

    I started to participate in photo a day this month but I have missed a few days. I think it’s a fun thing to do and hope to be better about getting the photos up. I think it’s fun to see what others come up with for the same prompt. I love your transport picture!

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