How To Pick The Perfect Spot In A Yoga Class

Just imagine this scenario…

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Maybe you’re new to yoga or maybe this is just a new studio for you. You walk in, sign in at the front desk, leave your shoes, mat bag, sweater, keys and phone in a cubby and head towards the studio door. Upon opening the door you realize you’re one of the first ones to class and your options are open as to which spot you choose to set up.

Where do you go?

Your options are nearly endless and you’re suddenly swept into a world of thoughts and questions and weight every option against each other. But the question remains, where is the perfect spot in a yoga class?

There’s a chance you won’t like my answer, but hang with me. The perfect spot is anywhere.

You chose to show up. You chose to bring your mat and your body and practice. It doesn’t matter where you practice, the point is that you are.


I was setting up the other day when I overheard a lady talking to her friend, who was clearly new. She suggested setting up near the back so she could watch what everyone else is doing and learn if she got confused. The lady mentioned how she did that when she first started and thought it was so helpful. Her friend grabbed her mat and set up near the back.

Now, I’m not saying I don’t agree with this, as I think it’s something that many of us do, but I challenge the logic. What about the teachers who flip the class around mid-flow and suddenly the back of the room is the front? What about the energy that exists in the middle of the room during a packed class of heated, flowing yogis? What about making yourself a little uncomfortable and setting up near the front? Or, what about just making sure the teacher knows you’re new so she can be sure to  really explain the poses you’re in, how to get there, or demonstrate each one when we first get into it?

Sure, if we really broke down the set up of each studio in the entire world, I’m sure we could figure the perfect spot to practice, where you’re near the wall but not too close, or where you don’t have to walk across the whole room after class dodging sweat puddles, or where, well, I think you get the point.

And the point is that the perfect spot to practice is anywhere.

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Show up. Be Present. Breathe. And Move. Repeat, repeat, repeat.

Do you have a favorite spot to practice?

Honestly, for me, I like to be in the middle of the room and within a few feet of the wall.

23 thoughts on “How To Pick The Perfect Spot In A Yoga Class

  1. Daniela Vaughan

    Literally every time I walk into the yoga studio I question where to go … and then switch my spot once or twice … or thrice. So true though. Showing up is what is the MOST important.

  2. Rebecca Hicks

    I haven’t been to a yoga class in years, but I know I was the one who liked to stay against the wall more towards the back, because I didn’t want anyone watching me. My flexibility is a joke. I love doing it at home, though! I feel much more comfortable and actually enjoy it.
    Rebecca Hicks recently posted…Five Recipes to Try this SummerMy Profile

  3. mary

    I like to be in the middle of the room, near the front so I can see myself in the mirror and check my form. I understand why people want to be in the back though especially when they are new!

  4. liz

    I used to always have to be next to the wall so I could easily practice inversions mid-class. Now I preach in my classes to always have an exit strategy in an inversion so that you can practice them mid-class anywhere in the room. I LOVE being in the front (so I’m not distracted by people in front of my) and middle (so I’m in the middle of the energy and not near a wall to hit with my arms and legs). But yes, really anywhere in the room is amazing! I’m always just grateful to be in class!
    liz recently posted…#SundayFunday in the Sunshine and WildflowersMy Profile

  5. Melissa Blake

    I applaud all those who practice yoga…not sure I’d have the patience for it!

  6. Hannah Stein

    I love this post! I just started doing yoga and I often wonder that myself, but I think that’s a great point you make. Showing up is the most important bit.

  7. Angela @ happy fit mama

    We were just discussing our fav spots in the studio in class yesterday. I hate being in the back of the class – I feel so left out even though the teacher walks around. My fav is in the front left corner. I had an awesome teacher who would change what was the front of the room every class. Her favorite thing to do was mix it up so you never knew if you were in the front or back each class.
    Angela @ happy fit mama recently posted…LatelyMy Profile

  8. carla

    Im so so so that in the back so I can watch everyone else lady.
    but now that I think about it I think Ive also convinced myself the BACK is the pace to be so that if I all etc I dont distract and topple everyone else with me…
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