{Pitter, Patter}

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{pitter, patter}

There was a moment about 3 miles in…I know this because it was after I had already split ways from Alex, my phone was between songs but it wasn’t silent…Instead my ears were filled with the sound of runners feet, almost like the sound of rain pouring down.  I have to be honest, I was nearly brought to tears in that moment.  It may seem ridiculous but I felt like I was a part of something and in that moment, I felt like I was a part of something bigger that words can explain.  Maybe I’m crazy or maybe I’m not, but if you ever allow yourself to stop and listen to hundreds of runners as their feet hit the ground over and over, you may get to experience just what I did.

{pitter, patter}

No, I am not in this picture

No, I am not in this picture


Have you ever had a moment like this – whether it be while running or not?


**I promise my recap of the race is coming but I’m super busy with starting my new job this week that I can’t wrap my head around that post just yet but I promise it’s coming.**

2 thoughts on “{Pitter, Patter}

  1. Catherine

    I have never run a race with music, and don’t often have it in when I run. I wish this was because of other reasons, but I am just super lazy and can’t ever get my ipod organised. Occasionally I listen to the radio on my phone!
    I remember my first 10k about a year ago, it was so weird running with this big group of people, feet all thudding along, but it felt eerie! Soon got used to it haha.
    Soooo looking forward to your recap 🙂

  2. JenB

    I’ve only run one “race” … a 5k. It was a great experience and I totally planned on doing it again. But, I’ve got anxiety issues, and one of those is crowds. I just get stressed out with so many people. Everyone posting about races of any size just seems to be too many people for me. I can imagine your moment (but honestly even thinking about it starts me stressing!) *Ü*

    I used to sing and perform in plays … I do remember a time on stage, singing together with the others when I had a moment like you described. Just part of something bigger …

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