Post-Monday Motivation

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I had a post I wanted to write for today but yesterday was rough and another migraine made for a change in plans and me in bed early…like ridiculously early but it was all I could do to not scream, cry, beg for pain meds, or drop kick the dog out the door as he constantly whined every moment he was around me. Any bit of noise was too much noise, which I’m sure you can imagine can make for a difficult work day when your job is to listen to music.

1461000_983782879269_1377587551_nWith that and with a kind of rough week last week, I figure we could all use a little motivation. Maybe you need it after a serious case of the Monday’s yesterday, or maybe you’ve got a long week ahead, or maybe you’re just up for a little extra motivation; regardless of your reason, I figured this would be beneficial for all.






**note: I may have shared some of these before, but I don’t care, they still ring true!**

What’s motivating you this week?

2 thoughts on “Post-Monday Motivation

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