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What a productive day!  Even if it wasn’t that productive, I feel like it was so I’m going to go with that. 🙂
Work definitely started off challenging and really continued to be for quite a bit of the day, but aside from the beginning, I was able to maintain my composure and move on with my day.  Assuming positive intent, is something I need to work on. 
I originally had plans to hit the gym after work but decided to listen to my body’s desire to just go home and I don’t regret the decision one bit.  Generally I like to make myself go, knowing that you never regret a workout but it was either go after work or go before work tomorrow and so I went with tomorrow.  It will mean waking up super early but especially after getting quite a bit done and it still being just after 9, I have no problem wrapping things up a bit and still getting to bed around 10.
The new roommate and I have agreed upon a place and now we’re just waiting to hear back from the company to confirm it’s still available and take the next steps! I’m so excited!  It also means, it’s time to prepare the letter to move out of my current place.  That will be on my agenda for tomorrow evening…
The apartment searching has had me very motivated to go through all of my stuff.  While I had laundry going this evening, I was also going through my closet, dresser and pile of shoes.  I recently went through a donated quite a bit of clothing so there wasn’t too much this time but I’m breaking away from several pairs of shoes I just don’t wear anymore.  (Note to self: you need black flats that aren’t Toms).  Seeing as I work in retail + the music industry, I’m pretty sure I can toss the majority of my “business casual” clothing that I never wear.  I would obviously keep a few because you do need them as staples for any interviews or gatherings that require such, but there’s button up shirts I don’t wear even during those times (partly due to a lack of comfort and confidence in them).  I would probably keep a couple on hand.  This is where the cheap side of me shows itself where I’m afraid to throw something out that I may “need” even though it isn’t currently serving me.  
There’s also years of papers that I’ve been moving since I was living in Boston.  The handheld shredder I bought from came in handy this weekend.  It’s also clearly a $20 product because it can’t take on the 5 pages it claims it can and the slot is only about 4” long.  It’s great for receipts but years and years of paperwork was quite the challenge to shred this weekend, but I did it anyway.
I’m so excited about the potential and possibilities of what’s ahead right now.  I’m also so proud of myself for making 2011 all about me and improving my life.  The clearer mindset and determination, is helping things fall into place.  I’m feeling super optimistic that I’m on the right path.
Now to end my evening with a little 20 minute yoga session.  Namaste.


P.S. Does anyone know of any good dream interpretation books / websites? I had the strangest dream last night (woke up like it was a nightmare but I don’t know it was.  Except I couldn’t look a coworker in the face who was in it because things didn’t end well for them)….