Push Past Your Fears

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Today I want to talk about a topic that no one really likes to talk about: fear.

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This can be in whatever capacity hits home for you…Fear of spiders, fear of heights, fear of public speaking, fear of needles…you get the gist.

But more than just talking about our fears, I want to talk about pushing past our fears. Regardless of what that fear may be.

Now, like most people, I have a few fears and of varying levels, but one of my biggest fears is failure.

That may seem kind of silly, but it’s true. I am someone who despite my wishes somedays, have an entrepreneurial spirit running through my blood. It makes me think and dream big, and then break down all of the ifs, ands, ors, and buts to determine if something is not only possible, but also a good idea.

It also means that sometimes I win, sometimes I lose, and always I learn something along the way. But admittedly, my fear of failure is greater than it has ever been and I know in a lot of ways, it stems to the end of 50 States. I’ve said many times that project was not a failure (how could that be said when over $25,000 was raised for a handful of charities?) but personally, I didn’t meet several of the personal goals I set for myself and I am still finding my way out of the personal financial burden that came along with it.

I fear failure because right now I’m fearing risk; I fear taking chances; I fear getting hurt; I fear letting people down; but more so, I fear letting myself down.

But there’s a shift that happens when we learn to push past those fears, or rather, embrace those fears.

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I’m not a big fan of heights, but I left that on the ground when I went to the top of the Space Needle in Seattle in March. When I got to the top, I looked around, I enjoyed the view and there is this internal adrenaline rush knowing you did something that scared you, even if you were only a little scared.

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I am pushing past my fear every day, and for me, that had to start with managing my anxiety, which has included mantras (such as “I have the power to change my life”), yoga and my daily gratitude journal practice.

I’m not saying that these exact practices will be what helps you push past your fears, but I want to encourage you to try. For example: I’ve heard of people who start donating blood to work on their fear of needles; or people who try an indoor rock climbing class to work on their fear of heights. I wouldn’t blame you if you don’t want to sick in a box full of spiders (hello, Fear Factor), but think of something you can do to work on it.

You have so much power and life and love and ability inside of you, there’s no reason to be held back in your day to day life because of fear. Push past it.

[ctt title=”There’s no reason to be held back in your day to day life because of fear. Push past it.” tweet=”There’s no reason to be held back in your day to day life because of fear. Push past it. via @iamkatiearnold http://ctt.ec/y2dar+ ” coverup=”y2dar”]

What are you afraid of?

How are you or will you work to push past it?

Joining in for TOL.

26 thoughts on “Push Past Your Fears

  1. Karla

    Your post just hit a sensitive chord Katie!

    I am glad I am not alone in feeling like you are. I believe I’ve come to a major crossroad and i must decide whether to go left or right.

    Funny thing is that I’ve always been a risk taker and gone beyond my “normal” limits.

    However I noticed in the past few years that i’ve become afraid of quite a few things and it’s not a good feeling.

    I did kick my fear of heights (isn’t that ironic for someone who loves being at 35 000 feet in the air) when I went zip lining in the rainforest in Costa Rica.

    I’ve to do more of what my mind, heart and soul want to do and do no matter what my ego says!

    In comparison to my family members, I too feel like I’ve failed in many ways and I need to get over that because i’ve lived far more and truly experienced life to the max instead of accumulating stuff.

    Thank you for writing this, I guess you were the message I needed to read today 🙂
    Karla recently posted…Review of Amerispa in Morin‑Heights, QuebecMy Profile

    1. Katie Post author

      And your comment was the one that I needed to read! Thank you so much for this, Karla! It truly and honestly means more than I can express!

  2. Emily Weir

    Lately I’ve noticed that I’ve had more fear taking over my daily thoughts, in areas of life that I’ve never experienced fear. I’m going to blame it on all of the changes I’ve experienced in life lately, but that doesn’t mean I enjoy it any more. I try to keep in mind that these fears are useless and will not help me to grow and force myself into situations that require me to face these fears.
    Emily Weir recently posted…Sweet Potato FriesMy Profile

    1. Katie Post author

      May I challenge you? One of my goals for September is to do something outside my comfort zone, maybe you should join me? 🙂

  3. Kiara Catanzaro

    It’s a little reassuring that people out there are afraid of failure. I have this same fear, but I work past it each day by focusing on the great things I’ve accomplished and have been working on–and I focus on the goals I have for that month/part of the year to remind myself of where I’m going.

  4. Michelle Westbrook

    I think my biggest fear is rejection and failure. They both hold me back from putting myself out there with my blog. Like I fear that someone will tell me that I suck. But I know that the worst that would happen is that I would have to try something else (or ban the jerk who told me I sucked, ha!) so I don’t know why I let them hold me back.

    Thanks for the tips!
    Michelle Westbrook recently posted…5 Reasons To Join Facebook Groups – Plus, Introducing The Blogging For Fun CommunityMy Profile

  5. Jessica Bradshaw

    Love this! It is so important to push back fears, because you never know what you are missing out on. I used to be deathly afraid of rollercoasters….now I love them! I tried it once time to impress a boy and VOILA!
    Jessica Bradshaw recently posted…Happy Hour at Mi DiaMy Profile

  6. Kim Munoz

    Growing up snakes were my greatest fear. One trip to Disney and they had out a huge python for kids to touch. I didn’t want him to see me afraid so we touched it. Then a few years later, I held one at sea world because he asked me to. Now I am strangely mesmerized by them. I was scared of needles too. Until I have to spend 8 months injecting myself twice daily. Fear gone! Still a few things to work on but, I will get there.
    Kim Munoz recently posted…Back to School BluesMy Profile

  7. Mandie

    I love this & am sharing. I wouldn’t say I have a specific fear, but yoga does push me out of my comfort zone, and for a while, I was making a habit of doing something that scares me a little bit each day, and I saw huge gains! This is a great reminder to get back in that habit for me. Thank you for sharing your thoughts!
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  8. Nicole

    I love how you mention managing your anxiety (including keeping a daily gratitude journal).

    Fear is so much about perspective and a stressed out and ungrateful person has less reason to feel secure.

    Thanks for sharing this!

  9. Julia

    Great post! Besides my fear of heights, I’m also fearful of failure. Like you, I also have an entrepreneurial spirit. Becoming a CrossFit coach took a lot of guts. Launching my little
    Skincare biz took a lot of guts. For me, what keeps the fear at bay is pushing through and reminding myself that it gets better, I get better, and who cares what anyone thinks? Lol


    1. Katie Post author

      I totally get that girl! Even when I think I’ve failed, those I love are all around me holding my hand and getting me through.

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