Recovery Check-in

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Today was my return to work, but only for a 1/2 day.  I couldn’t be more thankful that I decided to only do a 1/2 day as I’m in quite a bit of pain.  With each day, I’ve been moving around better and easier and for the most part the pain has been getting more bearable.  That was until the last 24-36 hours.  I spoke with my Dr and she’s surprised I’m not doing better and therefore I may find myself back in the doctor’s office later this week if there’s still no change or things get worse.
Finding something to wear has also been a fun task as pants, particularly jeans are uncomfortable and painful as they put pressure on my wounds and swollen abdomen.  The best thing to wear are my super baggy sweat pants but I’m pretty sure that wouldn’t go over well at work.  Instead, the outfit of choice is leggings with a longer shirt (or sweater) and boots.  I hope people are ready to see me in the same outfit (or nearly the same) everyday.
This is pretty much what I wore today and pretty much what I’ll be wearing for the next several days.

I’m still easily exhausted and I hardly have an appetite.  I ate breakfast at 5 this morning and it wasn’t until after 2 that I realized I had yet to eat (or really think about) lunch.  I look forward to making a full recovery and getting back to my normal, energized and healthy self but for now, I’m just going to keep resting and focusing on getting better.