The Return of Plank-A-Day

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Do you remember when Plank-A-Day was a big thing? Yes? No? Maybe so?

Well it was and I feel like it hasn’t been as much of a thing lately and I want to bring it back! I hope you’ll join me and if not, I’m about to convince you because planks are amazing!


To begin with, did you know planks can help with the following?

  • Safely strengthen core
  • Help improve posture
  • Reduce back pain

I think we often think of how they work our core, and sometimes even make them buuuuuurn, but that’s not all. I would also add improved mental capacity, because if you’ve ever tried to hold a plank as long as you can, then you understand how half the battle is the one happening in your head! 😛

If you’re like me, then starting a challenge feels like it needs to happen at the start of a new month, or at least a new week, but I want to challenge you to start today. Start incorporating more planks into your daily routine, you could even roll right out of bed and onto the floor first thing in the morning to get it out of the way. 😉


It’s tempting to share a program, but we’re all at different points so instead, I’m going to share a basic guide I like to follow for myself. I also like to change it up each week by varying straight arm and elbow planks. (For example, I may do straight-arm week 1, elbow week 2, etc).

Day 1: Hold plank as long as you can

Day 2-7: Hold plank for 75-100% of that Day 1 time

Repeat for as long as you want the challenge to last, but I would aim for 1 month.

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If you’re really looking to make your core burn, try THIS plank challenge.

Have you ever done a plank-a-day challenge? 

13 thoughts on “The Return of Plank-A-Day

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  2. Mistle

    Planks def help with so many things!!! I do planks weekly in my barre classes. I don’t do them daily but I know there would be a great benefit to it!

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