Rhyme Time

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I started this game

I’m not in it for the fame

But I rhyme my way through

Until my face turns blue


This is Talk Less, Say More

And I won’t be a bore

If you’ll just play along

With my rhythm and song


I’ll show you my food

If you’re in the mood

This is what I ate

All the veggies on my plate


I guess I could knit

But I’d rather CrossFit

Keep the weight off your toes

And wear your Reebok clothes


I’ll hand you a Spark

If you promise not to bark

Have you joined in

For the giveaway win?


Come back for Fitness Friday

We’ll keep the link-up tidy

And share our workouts

While we leave all the doubts

FitnessFriday logo

I’m here to motivate

As I travel state to state

This is my space

And I think it found it’s place.


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