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Our trip was to take us from Boston to New York City.  And when making that trip you have a couple different options: train, plane, bus, car.

The last time I was on a train between Boston and NYC, I dislocated my knee cap.  Bus would be cheap but kind of boring.  Plane is too expensive.  Car would mean road trip, saving money over train and plane, and be fun.  Can you guess which we went with?

But no road trip is complete without some good music to make the ride go by quickly and be a lot of fun, so Amy and I set out to make a super fun and enjoyable playlist for the ride and here are the songs we chose:

 Unfortunately I had some crazy phone issues the night we left, so we only had about 30 of these songs with us and due to there not being a proper connection in the rental car, we had to listen to it directly from my phone which meant no music blasting, but it was still awesome.

And then we put on the radio and jammed out to some awful and funny tunes.  It was real road trippin’!

What songs are a must on your road trip playlist?

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