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…Santa’s gotta make it to town!


After running the Color Run, I talked about the importance of play time. Because truly, I couldn’t believe how much fun I was having, I felt like a little kid just having fun playing. But I can’t tell you that I’ve had more than a few moments since when I really set aside that ever-so-important time. But on Sunday I did.


Sunday was also the real kick-off to the holiday season for me as I donned the (world’s cheapest) Santa suit, hat and beard and join hundreds of others at the Kiwanis 5k Santa Run for the Kids. It was one of the greatest and silliest things but it was a freaking blast.


I loved as I entered the area and saw numerous Santas walking from their cars to the starting line. I loved as I met up with my group and we all just couldn’t help but laugh in our ridiculousness. I loved that in my group there were two Buddhist monks dressed up as Santa who could not stop laughing. I loved the reindeer antlers, the gingerbread men costumes and the guy dressed up as Buddy the Elf passing out candy canes as we ran along the course. I loved running past my family and knowing they didn’t know it was me until I started calling out their names and they recognized my voice. And I loved that the (world’s cheapest) Santa costume was ripped and falling off by the end of the 3 miles because the cheap costume meant more of my entry fee went to the charities.

Do you spot me?

Do you spot me?


This was a seriously incredible and fun race! It was amazing to be a part of it, not worry about my time but just run and be silly!


Are you getting in playtime?

Have you ever run a Santa run?

(P.S. Did you notice it’s snowing on the blog?!)

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      I noticed several people take it off. I kept mine on but it was kind of gross at times in the cold… 😉

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