Running Re-Motivation

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After choosing not to run the marathon, I must admit my relationship with running took a bit of a nose dive. One can only handle so many mid-run meltdowns without questioning what they’re doing and why.


Over the last couple months, I’ve really only been running a few miles each week outside of CrossFit and while I definitely had moments of missing my hours on the trail, getting lost in the scenery and music blasting in my ears as I zone out, I also know my body and mind needed that time away.

Starting last week, I’ve been working on increasing my mileage again – not to marathon training distance in any way but where I’m running two or three times a week and slowly building it back up. I know it’s going to take a while and not every run will be a good one, but it feels good to put my running shoes on again and get out there.


Over the next year as I’m traveling with 50 States In A Year, running will be a huge part of my exercise routine again. I most likely won’t have access to a gym everyday and therefore my workouts will be those that I can do outside, whether that be running, walking, yoga, or WODs in the park.

Regardless, I’m excited to see running make a return in my weekly fitness and to re-find the motivation I once had to go out for a long run. So when my friends at The Clymb reached out to me, I couldn’t turn down an opportunity to share some of my tips when I’m lacking running motivation.

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1 – New shoes: This may sound silly but every time I get a new pair of athletic shoes (whether they be for running or CrossFit), I can’t wait to put them on and put them to the test during my next workout.

Good news is The Clymb is having a running shoe sale so you can be stylish, comfortable and budget minded. They even carry my favorite running shoes – Mizuno!

2 – Change up your workout playlist: Despite being a huge music snob, I’m not great about changing up my workout playlist but I always notice that when I add some new tunes and take some of the older ones away, my run feels fresh and exciting! Not to mention, I’m not constantly changing the song because I’m sick of the one that comes up… 😉

3 – Change of scenery: When I was marathon training, I would run the same trail route every Sunday morning for my long run and often struggled getting into the zone as I constantly knew where I was in my run (ie – this tree means I’m only a mile and a half..) but there was one week I decided to veer off my usual path and took a right to run down by the lake. Aside from gorgeous views, it also changed things up from being the same thing over and over.

What are your top tips to re-motivate your run?

Disclaimer – This post is sponsored by the Clymb, but as always, all thoughts and opinions are entirely my own.