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I’ve been feeling really inspired lately.  That may or not be showing here, but I’ve really felt it in my writing and overall thought process.  Maybe it’s because I’ve removed myself from LA; maybe it’s because I moved home to force myself to really focus on ME and what I want (and need); maybe it’s because I’ve finally started to really find my place, find my voice, find myself.

I’ve come to a few conclusions over the last couple weeks and I’m really hoping for some exciting things to happen over the next several weeks, months and (hopefully) years.  But I must also admit I’m slightly nervous of sharing too much as I fear jinxing myself, my projects and my future, so for now, I must keep it vague and keep you all guessing.  At least that’s fun (maybe more for me than you). 😉

Anyway today I wanted to share a few fun running things with you.  You’ve seen my 10 Running Tidbits, but today I have a random assortment of running related goodies.

1 – I always love to hear when I’ve inspired people to live a healthier life, workout more, or especially start running.  While my sister was in Africa a couple years ago, she started running and I was so excited when she told me that.  Now, my dear friend Amy has started training to run a 5k Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving.  Go AMY!

We finally got some time to FaceTime Sunday afternoon and Amy was telling me about the app she’s been using to train – Zero to 5k.  The app starts you with running and walking intervals to slowly bring you up to running the full distance on your own.  When I first started running, I followed the same kind of approach.  The cool thing about this app is that it tells you when to walk and when to run – no watching the timer yourself.  Such a simple concept, but definitely one I wish I had back then.

2 – It only took 15 days from the email saying it shipped for my new compression sleeves to arrive!  I hope they are well worth it but next time I think I’ll pass on Amazon and order directly from the Zensha.

3 – I told you I was hooked.  I’ve told you I love to run.  I told you I want to run a 10k race soon.  Well, let it be noted, that I have officially signed up for the Chicago’s Perfect 10 – 10k race in a couple weeks.  Anyone in the area interested in joining me?  They also have a 10 miler, but I’m going to stick with the 10k for this one.

4 – And with the 10k quickly approaching and despite my distance already being at 6 miles, I’ve put together my workout schedule/continued training to ensure I don’t overwork my body but also don’t lose the distance prior to my race.  For anyone interested, here’s what we’re looking…(based off of my original Hal Higdon 10k training)

What races have you run recently or are you looking forward to?

Any apps that you’ve used to reach new distances that we must know about?

16 thoughts on “Running Shenanigans

  1. Michelle

    We are moving back to the states in less than 2 weeks from Europe and I keep looking up races in the Colorado Springs area. Every. Single. Day. There are a few turkey trots I’m thinking of doing and a 10km Christmas run as well.

    1. admin Post author

      Thanks girl! We’ll have to take down your running shoes next year and run together. 🙂

    1. admin Post author

      Be careful! I have my eyes on my first 1/2 in the spring of 2013…particularly the Disney Princess one but that’s more of a financial issue than anything. :-/

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