September 2018 Goals

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Can I just say that it feels really nice to be back? It was nice to take a little break, get everything situated and switched over without also worrying about putting out new blog content. But with only a few odds and ends to clean up, I’m ready to start integrating myself back into the blogging world again.

I mentioned the other day that I don’t quite know what my blogging schedule will be just yet but I’m going to figure that out as we go along here. To get myself started though and since it’s the start of a new month, it seemed like the perfect time for a goals post.

A month or so ago I shared a story on Instagram where I was talking about feeling FROZEN, about having all of these things that I want to achieve but not knowing what to do or where to start and then basically just being frozen and unable to take any action. To remedy this, I broke up what my 3 main things were and decided to devote one month to each one. Once I did that, it was a lot easier to break those things down into smaller, more manageable tasks.

My big August task was transferring JT30 posts over to TLSM. We all know that got done! And since I finished early, I was able to start September’s big task early:

Studying for my NASM CPT exam

As you may or may not know, I took my personal training exam several years ago when I moved from Los Angeles back to my hometown in Illinois. I studied, took the exam, and then didn’t really do anything with it. Because of this, I didn’t go through the process of renewing…but then I lost my job in March and wished that I had something else to fall back on so I reached out to NASM and got the updated study materials so I can take the exam again.

Once I got my job though, the idea of studying fell to the back burner. I have until mid-October to take and pass my exam (or request an extension) and while I have a full-time job and maybe don’t need my CPT, I still want to go through the process of obtaining it again, having it as a backup plan should anything happen, but also because I do feel like this is something that could help some of the other things I’m doing, like teaching yoga.

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Now onto my other goals for September:

  1. Read 2 books (While it’s nice to have a shorter commute, I’m totally behind on my reading goal for the year so it’s time to pick it back up again!)
  2. Complete a daily fitness goal (1 minute plank + 10 push-ups daily)
  3. Complete NASM studying (I don’t have to take the exam in September, but I want to get the initial reading and required studying done so I can then focus on studying for the exam and take that in October)
  4. Stick to my monthly budget (I’m going to try using more cash for some areas of my budget that are easy to overspend like food and misc items like cleaning and beauty supplies)
  5. Grow my Instagram account by 5% (I’d love to see more but trying to be realistic here – ha!)

What are you working on in September? Any big (or little) goals?

13 thoughts on “September 2018 Goals

  1. katie

    I am giving myself a workout break in September. I was pretty diligent about going 3 times per week for the last year, but really lost the love of it. So I’m hoping that by taking a break I’ll have a good reason to dive back in (I already have a new gym that I’m signed up for, the membership just doesn’t start until mid October).

  2. Kim Munoz

    These are great goals!! I hear you on sticking to a budget. We have had a few back to school unexpected expenses roll in and need to fill in the holes now lol. Instagram is slow growing these days. Especially for engagement. Good luck on all of them!

  3. Marielle

    Oh I love this so much! I definitely have felt that FROZEN kind of feeing…..I have all of these ideas in my head of what I want to do but get overwhelmed and do nothing.. haha. I’m trying to take little baby steps all the time and to just keep at it, especially in regards to my blog! I tend to overthink too much!!
    Thanks for sharing!

  4. Erica D Ardali

    I haven’t actually sat down and thought long enough to figure out what I want to achieve this month. I am totally going to dedicate some time to that this evening. 🙂

  5. Sara Strand

    One of my goals for September is absolutely to be able to walk 3 miles. I’m doing a walking 5K in October and I’d like to not die. Ha! With all of my physical limitations it’s going to be tough but I’m going to really try.

  6. Mary Varville-Rodriguez at World of Writer Mom

    Welcome back! Congratulations on meeting your goals! Sounds like September is going to be busy too. Happy that you have the new job, but definitely hope you go for the NASM certification. It will definitely be nice to have that credential behind your name and potentially add more to your blog content. I had a certification through AFAA and Global Wellness back in the day but also let it lapse. NASM had been on my mind too and I’d love to add that on my goals list for next year. Let me know how it works out for you.

  7. ShootingStarsMag

    It’s nice to see you around, and congrats on getting your blog moved over to a new one! It’s looking great. Good luck with your exam – I think it’s a great idea to have it just in case, though hopefully not because you’ve lost your job (and I hope you are loving your new one(s) still). I’m still on the hunt for a full-time job – I’ve had some interviews but nothing yet. It might be a blessing in disguise though with lots of other things happening in my life at the moment, so we’ll see. Hopefully the right fit will come around soon.

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    1. Katie Post author

      Thanks, girl! It’s not even a “new” blog. This is my OG started in January 2011. Feels good to be back over here. 🙂

  8. Beth

    Great goals for the month ahead! I hear you on sticking to a budget. I’d really like to work on that myself. I hope it’s a great month – and welcome back!

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