September 2020 Intentions

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I’ve taken some time off from sharing my goals and intentions for the month. To be honest, there’s no real good reason except for the “excuse” that seems to follow me around like a constant shadow: toxic mold (and everything that has come with it).

I spent most of July starting to clean, decide what stays and what goes, which carried over into August on an even greater scale as I finished packing up everything and moved back to my childhood bedroom while I figure out what and where is next. It’s been a gut punch to the ego and been quite the transition for me, but Poncho is living his best life and that does make it a bit easier (though I’ll admit it makes me feel bad for the day I move us into our own place again). Regardless, the big goal right now is to save money, rest more, and see if I can allow my body to heal and recover.

With that said though, I do want to get back into setting monthly goals and intentions and sharing them in this space. It definitely helps me stay accountable and have something to work towards to feel like I’m making progress toward the big dreams I want to accomplish out of this life.

Word for September: HEAL

  1. Read 3 books
  2. Yoga every other day
  3. Save more than I spend
  4. 10-15 minute workout 1x per week
  5. Buy vs Rent – take steps one way or the other
  6. Complete CPR re-certification
  7. Write 1 blog post/week
  8. Re-finish bedside table
  9. Go apple picking
  10. Rest – mind, body, and soul
  11. Work on a second income stream

What are you working toward this month?

1 thought on “September 2020 Intentions

  1. Shybiker

    Good goals. I just finished a decent book: “The Biggest Bluff”, Maria Konnikova. It’s a memoir by a female psychologist who tried, in one year, to become a world-class professional poker player. It teaches lessons about ways our minds fail us when we try to control our lives.

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