How To Set Goals – You Can Actually Keep

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Every year around this time, when our minds are busy thinking about our goals for the next year, I always like to bring back this age old idea on how to set goals…

how to set goals

That’s right, SMART goals.

I’m sure this isn’t a new concept for many of you, but regardless, I find it to always be a good reminder – for you and me. To make sure we are setting ourselves up for success instead of leaving ourselves in a position to fail before we even begin.

SMART goals



What exactly are you looking to accomplish? Give details and like it states, be specific!


How will you know if and to what extent you met your goal?


Give yourself some room for the challenge but don’t stretch so far that it isn’t actually something you can do.


Are you setting a realistic goal for yourself in the given amount of time?


What is the time frame in which you are planning to achieve this goal? Think long and short term!

Now, your homework is to work on making your goals something you can actually keep and achieve!

6 thoughts on “How To Set Goals – You Can Actually Keep

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  2. Susie @ SuzLyfe

    SMART goals are totally the way to go! I wrote a post about that this past summer–for me, I often set goals, but my weakness often lies in the execution of the plan. I’m a bit too fly by the seat of my pants when it actually comes down to it, even if I have a plan to begin!

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