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I must admit, I’m still fighting a funk. I’ve been trying to follow my own advice for dealing with the winter blues, but I walked into my chiropractor’s office yesterday and said “may I please have an attitude adjustment?” No joke.


I’m trying to be careful and not let myself slip down the slippery slope of negativity so I’m asking for help when I need it, taking breaks when I need it, and making sure I keep active and eating healthy.


But one of the other things I need to be better about incorporating into my life again is yoga. I mentioned this the other week and I’m embarrassed to say I still haven’t done it. In fact, I’ve rebelled against doing it. I think about rolling out my mat and it’s like I instantly get crabbier.


The thing is, I KNOW how I’m affected by yoga; I KNOW I’m almost instantly snapped back into being myself; I KNOW it makes my body so much more relaxed; I KNOW this, but I’m still actively choosing to avoid it like the plague. So it’s time to change that. It’s time to bring it back into my life and make it a habit once again.


And I know I’m not the only one. In fact my chiro even said to me “yeah…I need to get back into doing it too. It’s been at least a month.”


So I’m challenging myself. For the next month, I am committing myself to yoga 3x a week. I don’t care if it’s three days in a row, three days in the morning, afternoon or evening, or three days split up and at different times each time. It’s just 3 days each week. And I don’t even need to go anywhere or spend any money. I have several sessions I already own (or if I really wanted to, I could get a few more for super cheap), a gym membership with yoga and BodyFlow classes I could take, and a gift certificate to a nearby studio. No excuses.


And I challenge you! Whether you’re practicing regularly, very minimally or not at all – set a goal and let’s beat these winter blues; let’s reconnect with ourselves; and let’s get back to yoga.


Have you been practicing yoga recently?

What’s your goal?

8 thoughts on “Setting A Goal – Yoga

  1. JenB

    I must admit, I struggle with yoga. I love my cardio and my strength training (my own weight workout or Jillian Michael’s DVDs) … I tried Jillian’s yoga meltdown and it just didn’t click with me. I know I need to try it again, that the first time I did any of her workouts I “didn’t like” them. I just don’t know that I have room to ADD an activity to my day, and I’m not sure I’m ready to replace any of my current workouts with yoga … that’s my dilemma 🙂

    1. Katie Post author

      I don’t necessarily REPLACE my current workouts with yoga, but ADD to them with yoga. Unless I go to hot yoga, then I sweat my face off and that’s it. HA! But otherwise, I stick to about 20-30 minute sessions at home that are slower and used more to stretch and RELAX me. 😉

    1. Katie Post author

      Girl, you’re going to have Mama arms thanks to that little peanut! It’s funny how someone that is so tiny can suddenly feel SO HEAVY! (I always feel that way at least after holding some of the little babies at the chiro while mom gets adjusted. lol)

  2. Katie

    Now that I’m a yoga sculpt instructor, I’m teaching 3 classes a week, sometimes more if it’s my weekend to teach or I’m subbing. But I do try to take some kind of different workout class 1 or 2 times a month. it helps me fall back in love with endorphins, and lets me observe teachers and remind myself what it is like being a student.

  3. Heather @ Kiss My Broccoli

    HooRAH!! You got this girlie! Stick with it and make me proud…because I’m still working to be able to DO yoga again! I’m almost there and I can’t wait until the first time I get into child’s pose again!

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